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Rescue One: Breaking Point

Rescue One: Breaking Point - Michael  Gardner The prequel to the up and coming novel, Rescue One, "Breaking Point" lays the foundation about what is to come.

The stage is set in an interesting format in the prequel, and a major character is introduced. We watch a type of "Star-Trek: First Contact" type of spin on an experiment that will ultimately help humanity speed through the universe.

The writing style was good, and I only found a few typos. However, I wondered at the need for this prequel as a separate story. In other words, why not simply put it in the up and coming book? Was it in order to solicit interest from readers? If so, because the main book is not yet out, I fear this may be all but forgotten by the time the story does come out. However, if I had the chance to read Rescue One today, I would probably do it.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I rate the prequel as four stars.