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Under A Blood Moon (The Alex Hayden Chronicles Book 1)

Under A Blood Moon (The Alex Hayden Chronicles Book 1) - Michael    Andrews "Under A Blood Moon", the first in a new series, is a modern day vampire tale set in Europe. Our protagonist, Alexander, a long-lived vampire, is out to defend the town against a group of invading vampires.

I found that the pacing and writing style pulled me into the book and made me want to find out more. The book had the right amount of detail to keep me interested, and just enough backstory to give me what I needed (but not too much).

For the most part, the characters were well played out. However, Harry's seeming easy acceptance of Alexander's identity, and the world of vampires seemed out of touch with what I would expect in a non-vampire type of character. Harry acted odd in other ways as well, leaving me perplexed.

Some parts of the book reminded me of a Twilight retread, but without the romantic element. So if you like the vampire teen adventures, you'll probably enjoy this one.

I give the story 4 stars and I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.