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The Left-Hander's Handbook

The Left-Hander's Handbook - James Tertius de Kay When you bring together four books and combine them into one, with the same annoying attitudes and prejudices, the book begins to wear. I don't appreciate statements such as "If you are left-handed, this book is dedicated to you. If you aren't, eat your heart out." Inflammatory statements like right handers are dull is insulting to say the least. Left-handers do not corner the market on creativity. Everyone uses both parts of the brain, not just left-handers. Right-handed people are creative too.

Although I appreciate the fact that the book tries to balance out past prejudices, I've never observed any stigmas against a left-handed person. In fact, when folks see a left-handed person, usually the response is something like: "Wow, that's cool! I never knew you were left handed!"

I read this book because it was a birthday gift, given to me. And yes, I am left-handed.