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Shift (Strange Chemistry)

Shift - Kim Curran Overall, I was left uninspired by this story. I liked the premise, but things got so bogged down (almost immediately), that I found myself reading it only every few days. And only small bits. So much back story, so much of nothing happening. It really doesn't take a lot of thought power to understand what is going on when that is (finally) presented.

And then the end, I thought, was totally contrived. Suddenly this new thing about Scott, comes out of the blue, and Ta-Da! problems are all solved. That felt like a rip-off. There was a lot of time in the middle part of the story to cover anything that could have happened, or at least hint at it. But it wasn't.

There were a couple of typos, but nothing serious. It was well-edited overall.

I mostly liked how the characters were presented, and some had their own distinct voice, which was good. Scott's life at home is more or less mundane (though not abusive), and once he joins the organization, he does a Cody Banks thing and leaves. This caused the family characters to become mostly unimportant to the story, which if they were more involved, (weaved into the main story),it would have been better.

The mystery surrounding the unknown Big Plot was drawn out way too long, and should have been discovered much earlier. That was the climax in a young adult novel? So what? That should be the forerunner of more exciting things to come. The premise behind the unique abilities was not fulfilled like it should have been, and more long-term thinking could have made it a much better story.

I hope that if this series does continue, it becomes a lot more complex, with bigger things at stake. It has a good starting point, but it needs to be developed much better.