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Greedy for Life: A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude

Greedy For Life: A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude - Lori Stevic-Rust I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, nonreciprocal review.

Normally I don’t read a book like this, because fiction stories are my favorite. However, I am glad I was able to share in the lives and experiences with this author. There is something about this book that, I believe, can bring comfort to many.

The author’s world includes her profession of helping people who struggle with their problems, and part of her job is to relay advice that will help move patients from hurting to healing. Mixed in with the stories you will find her “voice”, that is filled with suggestions for life. Sometimes it seems sort of preachy, but again, you are reading her style of how to help you, the reader, get through life.

Having five generations of family members living at a time seems to be a rarity these days, and it certainly must make life interesting for all. However, the author takes pains to overlook the negatives, and shines her light on the positive elements. The special moments. The important parts.

Through this book, I honestly feel I have come to know the entire family, especially Nana. It’s like the author has given me a personal introduction, and to some extent I can imagine what sitting across the table with her would feel like, sound like…be like.

The only part that bothered me were the use of expletives from time to time. The reason I bring this up is because in the write up description of the book it says, “sure to be warmly received by all generations.” Well, perhaps not by all.

I hope Nana lives for at least another 25 years because she is obviously one of those rare individuals who you would like to have around forever.

Hats off to this author for a job well done!