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A Stranger in the Family

A Stranger in the Family - Robert Barnard A Stranger In The Family centers around a young man named Kit, who is beset with mysteries surrounding his part and present. He was abducted at age three, and placed into another family, but for reasons unknown.

I enjoyed reading this story. Most of it is learned through the use of direct dialogue, that helps move the tale forward. The author uses Kit as the primary character who obsesses with finding out the who’s, why’s, and everything else about his past. He treats the mystery like a puzzle to be solved by adding a piece at a time. I enjoyed learning more about World War II and the way it described how morality turned on its head in a manner of a short time span. People did what they needed to survive.

Above all, I enjoyed the journey of a young man who needed to know where he belonged. Which family was really his? Those haunting thoughts and feelings were well presented.

It was not an action-oriented story, but it did not need to be. The only thing I might change would be to add more color to the various characters that were introduced. Some were memorable, while others seemed to fall flat or fade. But it was a good story, and one I would recommend.