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The Enchanted Castle (Shioni of Sheba) (Volume 1)

The Enchanted Castle - Marc Secchia I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

This is a middle grades/young teen story about a slave girl, who understands her lowly place in the kingdom. But for some reason, she begins to have extraordinary abilities, and she uses them for good. Finally she does her best to save the slave-filled kingdom she lives in.

Okay, now on to the really good stuff. I really enjoyed this story. I felt I was there. It was well written and filled with colorful detail that I could see and feel, taste and smell. The detailed descriptions were well fleshed out.

The main character has a good heart and even though she is often abused terribly, she does not strike out in vengeance against her masters. She has many self-doubts, but they don't overtake her, nor do they cause her to make the wrong decision. Even with punishment so close by, she consistently makes the brave decision to help others.

The minor characters are colorful and the suspense is well-placed. The ending had a twist that I was not looking for, so it was a pleasant surprise.

The connections between chapters sometimes caused problems with story integrity and suspense, and with some work, I think those items could be fixed. However, in all it was a great story and I am glad the author plans to make a series out of it.