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The Silver Bowl

The Silver Bowl - Diane Stanley The Silver Bowl delivers a mix of fantasy and action-adventure, where our hero/servant/slave-girl Molly, learns to use her powers to fight against an evil curse that is placed upon a royal family.

Being one who likes a lot of action in a story, I found this to be slow at the beginning, though it picked up the pace about a third the way through. Then the story grew in suspense and tension to where it was hard to put down. The book is well written and edited, the plot is solid, and I found myself rooting for the character, especially as she committed herself to help the royal family, no matter the cost to her. The minor characters played out well, and the mystery surrounding the curse was well-hidden until the reveal.

I found the main character's words at odds with her station and age, especially at the beginning, to the point where the story stopped for me. At seven years of age, a child won't talk like an adult. At seven years of age and non-schooled, and "ignorant" as she referred to herself, a child definitely won't talk like an adult. But here she did.

The foreshadowing portrayed in the book--at least that was how I interpreted it, made me to believe that one thing would happen, when it reality it did not. This disturbed me as a reader--why say one person was going to live for years and then shortly thereafter he would be killed? Better not to say anything and let the reader guess as to what might be.

However, besides the above, it was a good and decent read, and well-suited for readers young and old.