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Tempest: A Novel

Tempest - Julie Cross Spoiler alert!

Romance/fantasy is not usually my thing, but I decided to take a chance on this book, and I was glad I did. Julie Cross does an outstanding job of creating this story, and it certainly was hard to put down. The characters felt real, like people I could feel for and root for. The suspense was well placed and the story line kept me guessing as to what would happen next. Most of the pages seemed to simply fly by.

Two things that kept it from being a five star. First, expletives were overused, in my opinion, and by the 10th one, it lost its emphasis. The second thing was how the story's believe-ability plunged at the end. After the book goes into excessive detail about how Jackson can't live without Holly, how he is always so romantic and has deep, incredible feelings...then to let all of that go with so little show of emotion, or regard, or even time to think about it was...well, disappointing.

But in all, a good read, and a great first novel from this author.