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The Argument

The Argument - Annie Harmon I received a copy of this book for my honest, non-reciprocal review.

It is not often that I rate a story as five stars, but this one could be no less. The artwork is flawless, and the story is interesting and flows well. It is one to make young children think, and yet will also carry them away into a semi-fantasy world.

Sometimes it's a good thing for adults (and might I dare say teens) to read a book like this, too. In a world filled with cynicism and bad news, it is refreshing to sit down with something as simple and wonderful as this. It helped bring me back to my childhood thoughts.

It’s okay to splash in the puddles and pretend the wind is carrying you up into the lofty skies. It’s all right to make believe.

I know many will enjoy this book. I hope the author makes many more like it!