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Tangled (Book of Souls, #1)

Tangled (Book of Souls, #1) - Bridget Maris 3 Stars on Goodreads equal to 4 on Amazon

If you like young adult paranormal novels with a clean story, then this one is for you. Tangled (Book of Souls #1) is a romantic tale with supernatural elements intertwined. I read the Twilight series, and while some elements of Tangled reminded me of it, the story takes a completely different turn. What would happen if you were going to lose your soul, and it could happen at any time? Would it affect your future choices, and how?

What if you became the hunted, the stalked, the one on the run who had to avoid any appearance of doing the wrong thing, or else? That, in a nutshell, is what this story is about. And of course like so many other YA books, romance plays a strong theme.

This well-developed story has believable characters and nicely placed suspense, especially near the end. The author uses her creativity to help us imagine a tale, perhaps not so far from our day-to-day experiences as we might think.

The book does need a good edit from typos and other mechanical errors, but I believe overall the story is shown in a clever and well-planned way.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest, non-reciprocal review.