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Train to Anywhere

Train to Anywhere - David George Howard The book, "Train to Anywhere" is an intense, provoking, mobster type of drama played out in the 1920s about the time of the stock market crash and the resulting Great Depression. Eddie, the main character, is on the run for his life after he sees things he should not have.

The story plays out well, and is full of twists and turns along the way. As soon as I thought the character was certain to meet his doom, other elements would spring up and surprise me. The logic from beginning to end was well thought out, and the ending, though not climactic, was nonetheless satisfactory.

The tension and suspense continued to ratchet upwards during the story, although some events written felt out of place and perplexing.

The book needs a clean professional edit from the misspellings, run-ons, incorrect possessives, and other typos. These detracted from the story and need to be fixed.

I also understand that these dirty characters would certainly be ones who would do the cussing, but it seems to be there only for effect, or shock to the reader. It really didn't add to the story, but rather brought out the adult nature of the events. The profanity was inconsistent, sometimes showing up when, in other events of like-stress-situations, was nowhere to be found.

The violence was what you would expect in a mobster type of story, but it was not overdone, and presented in a fair manner. Several of the characters were colorful and three-dimensional, adding to the story's credibility.

For those who like action/murder/mobster types of books with fast action, this one comes recommended.