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The Goddess & The Great Beast

The Goddess & The Great Beast - Adrian Gross The Goddess and the Great Beast was unlike any book I have ever read. It is a story that takes place during World War II and the years following. It follows our hero, Vivian, who finds himself trying to find meaning to his dull, daily routine. War is far off, and his duties are limited to defending a part of earth that will never be invaded. He is adventurous and bold, daring to risk his limbs, life and very soul for what he discovers. We follow him through many colorful and bizarre adventures until the story ends.

This story was well written, and laced with so much humor that it was not dark at all. Usually one would think of an occult story of old gods, with rituals and sacrifices, to be sinister and evil. But the good-natured twist the author weaved into this story made it seem anything but that. The descriptions were vivid, the character was totally believable—and likeable, to the point that I was on his side from the very beginning.

Usually by the end of a story I can list a number of things that, in my opinion, could have made a story better. But honestly, I can’t think of any for The Goddess and the Great Beast. I think it deserves five stars.

If you are open to a new kind of story, packed with adventure on astral levels, this book is for you. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, non-reciprocal review.