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Sins of the Father: A Novel of the Lost Tribe.: 2

Sins of the Father: A Novel of the Lost Tribe.: 2 - Peter Landon Ivey I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

This book is the second by Peter Ivey in the series. It won't make a lot of sense if you don't read the first book, as it expounds on the previous adventures of Mick and his friends. In the first book, the story is told from Mick's point of view. This one has two and sometimes more narrators. You have to pay attention to the insignia at the beginning of each chapter to know who is telling the story. At first this was rather annoying but it really helped overall.

The writing style was at times repetitive and wordy, something I believe could be tightened a good deal to add help to the reader's ability to enjoy the story more. However the story stayed on track through to the end, and did not waste time in tangents. The book needs a professional edit, as the typos seemed glaring at times. Another set of eyes would help polish things right up.

The characters were well played out, and I think the author was creative in how much they could change even during this story. Though some of them were mortal enemies, they had to come together for the greater good. And they did, though some paid the supreme sacrifice to do so.

As in the first book, the world building was weak. It felt like they really did not go to new worlds, but rather stayed in the same one. Perhaps in the third book, more detail will be spent on them.

The plot and story line were well thought out and delivered effectively. There was no, "ho hum, I know what's coming next", because there were some good surprises and twists in the plot that added to the interest.

The ending developed nicely, though it seemed like during the final confrontation with the bad guy, it ended too easily. Everything else was put together well and wrapped things up.

In all, a good read, and one I think that those who love adventure, science fiction, and the "impending doom of the universe theme", will enjoy the story as I did.