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Danny Battle and The Book of Shangri-la

Danny Battle and The Book of Shangri-la - Tom Kelly Danny Battle and The Book of Shangri-la is a fast-paced, action adventure, with some science fiction mixed in. For the most part it is a first person account of Danny's far flung adventures where he ends up on a quest to find a treasure--the Book of Shangri-la, that has been hidden away for thousands of years.

This story was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed the main character Danny, as well as the others in the story. They all had a different voice, and if felt like they were real people. To me, Danny spoke and thought more like a 17-18 year old, rather than a 12-year-old. His in-depth knowledge and the ways he explained and reacted emotionally (or not) to the events did not seem realistic for someone his age.

The descriptions were well thought out, but felt chunky. It was like the author would sit me--the reader, down and give me a lot of detail, especially about the characters that were introduced, before they did anything. Rather I would have liked them to be explained while they did something, while they acted out.

The story was a definite Indiana Jones feel, and the pacing was tight and well presented. I could read for long periods without feeling bored. Some logic seemed to weaken at times, but overall things seemed realistic.

The biggest problem with the Danny Battle book is its need for a significant edit. The pages are plagued with typos and wrong words placed where others should be. The most glaring is where quotations and commas belong, but don't, and run-on sentences abound. However, a solid copy edit would certainly take care of those issues, and would help make this book shine.

In all I would rate this as 3.5 stars out of five. I recommend it to young readers, and I would definitely want to read the next installment.