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The Dreamwalker

The Dreamwalker - Lillian Bishop,  Constance Williams The Witch Lake Chronicles: The Dreamwalker, is the first book in the series by Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams. I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review, and I rate it 3 stars.

The Dreamwalker is a mix of sorts. It combines fantasy, horror and drama. It captures part of the life of a high school student who has returned to public school to finish out his senior year. His abilities of entering others’ dreams caused numerous past problems for him. But here he begins to learn ways in which to turn the current curse into more of a gift.

I really liked the imagination put into the story. It wasn’t a copy of something else I’ve read, so it was new for me. The authors pushed the boundaries nicely, and wrote in a way that I could care about the characters, and what happened to them. The ending was satisfying and made way for the next book.

However, I felt the book had too much backstory. I wanted to know about Sam in the now, instead of all the past the came with him. There was a lot of chatty “tell” instead of show, the character viewpoints shifted back and forth (a problem for me, though perhaps not for others), and many places where the writing simply needed to be tightened.

But in spite of the above, I think The Dreamwalker was worth the read. The suspense pulled me in—especially at the end, and the creative thought put into the plot made it enjoyable.