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Iron William and the Carpenter's Tears

Iron William and the Carpenter's Tears - Michael  Gardner Michael Gardner’s “Iron William and the Carpenter’s Tears” is a fast-paced, action-adventure story set in Europe and the Middle East. Our hero, also known as “Kidd”, has a death sentence hovering above his head: either find the fabled Tears of Christ before a set date, or his life is forfeit. And so begins an Indiana Jones style adventure with all the bells and whistles attached—at least for that time period.

Iron William is a likable character. He’s far from perfect and has a checkered past that is thrown up to his face quite often. His wounds early on nearly do him in, but they end up helping him to develop into a noteworthy person. Through the story he becomes the sort of character that you can cheer, as you see Kidd become more human. Although he has a reputation as a spy and killer, he learns the better traits of compassion and friendship toward others, even though betrayal is not far away.

As I said before, the story is fast-paced, and sometimes to the point where the detail barely paints enough of a picture for me to imagine. I would have preferred more detail for the most part, simply because the story was so good. The book has a satisfying climax that is painted in generous detail, setting a good tone for upcoming adventures. I recommend this book to all who enjoy action-adventure stories.

I rate this as four stars, and I received a copy of this book in exchange for providing an honest review.