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The Secret Seven and the grim secret (Her Secret Seven adventures)

The Secret Seven And The Grim Secret - Enid Blyton I read through the Secret Seven books when I was in elementary school, and I loved them. No other series that I read ever seemed to compare. Of course this was a while ago (during the 1970s) and so later the books were not commonly found. Recently I discovered this book through my local library, and was pulled once again, into the charming and wonderful world of seven young people and their adventurous ways.

I think the book is appropriate for all young readers, but it moves quickly enough to keep even the struggling readers engaged, especially boys. The plots are simple, the stories are short, and there are good moral lessons to be learned in it.

I could imagine these books into a series for young viewers, and find the charming tale reminiscent of the days when I read the books for the very first time. Hurrah for The Secret Seven!