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What Happens On Tour...

What Happens On Tour... - Alex Flyn “What Happens On Tour” is a short story about two rock band members who get a first tattoo. It is set in Europe and seems almost biographical in nature.

I thought the tone of the story played well with the characters, and it showed a good relationship between the young friends. The ending tied in somewhat with the storyline, though only in a vague sense.

The story seemed like a chapter out of a book, and no more. I had no sense of what the characters looked like, their ages—only that they were old enough to drink and smoke, and no descriptions of where they were. Even in a short story descriptions are vital, creating a connection for me as a reader.

The strained relationship between the main character and his family was mentioned twice but there was little else offered. I saw no real reason for it to be a part of the story since it did not contribute enough to make me care. It raised more questions than it answered.

The ending did not work for me, and likely because I had no real feeling for Stonehenge. I’ve never been there and have no attachment to it, although the character has. But sense there was no description, I had no emotional bridge or connection.

The story needs grammatical editing, as some words are not capitalized that need to be (such as names), some words are missing, and there are some misspellings.

In all, I like the story because it provides a different point of view on life, and with some work I believe it could be memorable.
I rate this story as three stars, and I received a copy in exchange for my honest review.