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One Fling to Rule Them All

One Fling to Rule Them All - Deanna Dee One Fling To Rule Them All, written by Deanna Dee, is a type of story I typically don’t read. Romance is generally not my thing, though I like to read a variety of well written stories, of which this certainly was one.

As you will see in the Dedication, JRR Tolkien is greatly admired by the author, and the themes of Dungeons and Dragons games, mixed with Tolkien fantasy, are pervasive throughout the book. It’s about Lydia, who grew up loving a boy and then falling apart once he “comes of age”, and chooses another. Then to add flavor to the story, another guy comes along, and then the emotions and drama flow.

This book is filled with humor, and besides some language throughout, it is a clean read. Lydia is well-developed as a character, and the plot flows along nicely. It seemed so real that I thought certain scenes might have been from real life experiences—that’s how well-developed it was. The relationships between Lydia and her BFFs were strong, and she wanted to please them while trying to hide the pain she was going through.

I found myself enjoying this read and cheering for the main character. It is a book with a good and satisfying ending, and I recommend it for romance readers who don’t mind romps of fantasy through Tolkien-Land.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and I rate it as 5-stars.