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Blue Sea Burning

Blue Sea Burning - Geoff Rodkey This final installment of “The Chronicles of Egg”, by Geoff Rodkey, brings to a climax a fantasy story of love, loss, war, humor, and a whole lot more. This was my absolute favorite book in the entire series. It brought about a strong touch of humanity and humor to a tale filled with “good guys”, “bad guys”, and those “in between”. While aimed toward younger readers—middle grades and early teens—I believe fantasy readers of all ages could enjoy it.

Rodkey excels in getting inside the main character, giving him believable thoughts and realistic behaviors. All of his characters are well developed, drawing the reader in to care about most all of them, causing us to cheer when things finally start turning out all right.

The adventurous book (and series) was filled with plenty of twists and turns, and the ending was well conceived. I could imagine even further adventures for Egbert down the road, and if they were ever to come about, I think I should find myself standing in line, waiting to read all about them.