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The Never Hero

The Never Hero - T. Ellery Hodges The Never Hero, written by T. Ellery Hodges, is the first in a series of science fiction/fantasy stories aimed at young adults, and other readers who enjoy stories such as these. The cover and blurb about it being a top choice book caught my eye, as well as a well written summary. So I thought I'd give it a try.

I found myself immersed in a book that was well developed, and balanced in both action and self-discovery. Our "never hero" is attacked by an unknown force, and things heat up from there. I liked the way the enemy was portrayed--not a standard cliche type of species, but one that had a reason behind what they did. Again, this was well thought out.

My only concern with books like these is that once you gain an audience, it's often hard to write fast enough to keep them satisfied, and have all the elements included that make a story like this a success. I wish Mr. Hodges the best of luck with that!