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The Nine Horizons

The Nine Horizons - Mike Robbins The Nine Horizons, written by Mike Robbins, recalls the journeys of a young man. He travels to various countries while working in different projects. But neither his work projects nor the author himself are used as the main focal points; rather the people, the wildlife and the land share the limelight of the story.

This is an extraordinary book. Through his life, the author gained insights from his unique experiences that I will likely never have in my lifetime. He writes in a way that is so detailed I feel I am there experiencing what he goes through. I can almost feel the humidity in the air, see the despair on the faces of the people, and embrace the beauty all around—both natural and manmade.

I suppose one could use this as simply a getaway type of read, in which the reader would never even have to leave the house to experience the rich flavors of his adventures. But it also might incite others to break away from the routines of life and set sail for adventures of their own.

I was sorry the book ended. Most reads typically don’t influence me this way, but that’s what happened with this adventure. I do hope Mr. Robbins continues his lifetime quests and writes them down for others to enjoy. Having a journalist background coupled with a sense of adventure, Mr. Robbins has made this book a treasure. I heartily recommend this story for readers across all genres and age groups.

I sincerely appreciate a copy of the book (which he provided in print, by the way) in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.