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Dark Matter Tiding

Dark Matter Tiding - Chance Maree Dark Matter Tiding, a book written by Chance Maree, is an interesting mix of drama and science fiction. Our main character, Camera Hence, is an engineer working with drones. When unfortunate circumstances arise that end up in the deaths of a community of people, Camera takes things into her own hands. She then must leave her former life and she settle back on the family farm, trying to save her ranch from debt collectors and self-acclaimed vampires.
Dark matter is an interesting concept woven throughout the story, in that this unseen material affects humans. Sometimes the force of the matter increases in waves, contributing to the declining of human civilization. Camera has to deal with her own struggles with this matter, as well as put up with those who have all but fallen under its influence.
Chance Maree has written a story unlike anything I have read before. I enjoyed reading about a different type of threat to humanity, as well as watching the characters rise above—or decline under—the influence of dark matter.
I recommend this story to those who enjoy modern day drama and sci-fi adventures. I received a copy of this book for my nonreciprocal review.