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The Resilient Runner: Mental Toughness Training for Endurance Runners

The Resilient Runner: Mental Toughness Training for Endurance Runners - William A.  Peters The Resilient Runner, by William Peters, deals with the psychological aspects of running, and ways to deal with all its numerous challenges. He writes for beginners as well as advanced runners, and leaves nothing lacking in his advice.

I used to run before my allergies put a halt to it. Now I go biking and found that much of what William wrote in the book could apply to this as well. Some of his material could even be profitable in many other areas of life.

I found the writing style excellent, with no typos or other editing errors. William writes as if he is sitting down with you, having a conversational chat, yet filled to the brink with helpful advice, and all from page one. He writes from the standpoint of the encourager, like the one who would be cheering you on if you were running your own race.

You can tell William knows his material, as he speaks from both experience and exhaustive research to bring the reader the most up to date information and theories. His references are impressive.

There is so much material in this book that, if I were to take it up and really follow the steps, I would need to go back and carefully read through each section. There is that much material, and it is all very good.

If you are considering a career in running, or just thinking about starting for pleasure, be sure to read this first. For those of you already out there running, this book will certainly give you additional helpful advice.

I rate this book as five stars, and am happy to be able to provide this non-reciprocal review.