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Danger at Come-alive Cottage

Danger at Come-alive Cottage - Wendy Unsworth A copy of Wendy Unsworth's "Danger at Come-Alive Cottage", was given to me in exchange for my honest review. I rate it as a solid four stars.
This short children's tale continues Kellie Culpepper's adventures when she is summoned to her Aunt Kitty's. Joined by Aunt Sillime, the trio, along with other introduced characters, experience another batch of silly, funny adventures. This time, there is a way that Kellie can contribute and help to save Aunt Kitty's house.
This light hearted tale will delight young readers, as well as adults reading bedtime stories to their children or grandchildren. I sensed a lot of joy poured into this episode and, sure enough, the plot delivered soundly.
Recommended for young children and those young at heart.