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No Time

No Time - R. Jean Mathieu I received a copy of this book for my honest review, and rate it as three and a half stars.

"No Time" is a detective-type, whodunnit story, in this case who did it to the main character, Gooch. It's written in a first person, detailed and relaxed style, mixed with Spanish words in the text (it is an English book). We are introduced to the people Gabriel (Gooch) works with, and the fantasy element this story brings, is time travel. The time travelers in "No Time" are those who keep order in their time traveling universe, and are ready to discipline those who are not.

The detail in certain parts of the book help to bring the story alive, since going from 2014 to earlier times in the 1900s can be challenging. The story will keep the reader interested in learning what is going to happen. Several potential suspects are raised, and the trick is to see if you can guess the right one. The ending had a nice twist I definitely did not see coming.

Grammatical errors are obvious throughout, and this Kindle version had annoying huge fonts and bolded words at the beginning of each chapter. With some cleanup work, the book would read more smoothly.

I could imagine this developing into a series of other books. I would recommend this to those who enjoy and mix of murder mysteries and time travel stories.